As Ever

This week has been interesting. My need to create is back and burning bright. I set a deadline to get another novella done, and reached it. Stop Running is up for preorder now. It was an impulse writing project, two NPCs from a tiny campaign to break a newbie into dnd. But they went and had to be intriguing, the jerks, so this story happened. It sort of rambled along, until it really found its feet and then sprinted off. I’m proud of it, I hope people get something out of it.

stop running cover

As ever, one project done. On to the next.

stoprun sketch 18162253334874211704..jpg

May Changes

It’s been a rough April for me. I fell into some old habits. I’ve been struggling with finding enough time and motivation to do Witches and Thieves. So some decisions had to be made.

I’m canceling Witches and Thieves effective now. I’ve taken a new job that’s going to be more demanding of my time and energy. Being 29, I have to start thinking about my future and supporting my pets and myself. I love drawing and writing, I love sharing my work and creating things. But I’ve realized lately that I may not be the type of person who can do that for a living. As a hobby or side job, it’s great.

This has been a difficult decision. It’s made me feel sad and defeated. But I think this is the best decision for me right now. I’ll keep my storenvy up, and I’ll still do commissions. I’m just lessening my load and stress a bit.

Phew. All right. Got to keep on keeping on.


I’m a winter gal, don’t get me wrong. But there’s something exciting and refreshing about springtime. The air starts losing that bitter chill, plants start budding and growing, trees turn green again. It always makes me think of gardening with my mom when I was a kid.

I’m about to finish up chapter 3 of Witches and Thieves. I’m trying to decide whether or not to invest in a print version of it. Of course I’d love to have one, I love having physical copies of things I’ve made. But if people aren’t interested in buying it it doesn’t make sense for me to waste money and time making it. Let me know what you think about that!

Here’s some in progress stuff from the last few pages.

New site! Whoa!

New self-portrait to match new hair! selfie.jpgPhew last year was rough. I’ve been chugging along on Witches and Thieves, getting Avarice and Courage in the works, finishing editing one novel and getting the last part of another finished…geeze.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything! It’s important to remember that nah, man, I’ve got a lot going on.

But! This year! I’m commiting to getting a good routine going, so I can make progress on all my projects and not lose my mind. I’ve been working out a lot too, and man. My muscles! GUYS. MY MUSCLES. I love it.

That’s all I have time for. I leave you with this: it’s about to pop off y’all.