Digital Art


I’ve been writing and drawing comics for over ten years, experimenting with genre, style, and materials. I’m currently open for full time comics work; flatting, pencils, inks, and colors.

Watercolor portraits

Watercolors and other traditional material give a piece a unique sentimentality that can’t be replaced. Contact me for pricing, let’s make a one of a kind piece together.


I’ve written a few novels and novellas. I like to focus on the intersection of magic and queerness, of nature and human nature. All of my writing is available in multiple digital versions, and I hope to get a volume in print by the end of 2020.

Tanner and Joey have had each others’ backs since they were toddlers, been best friends through thick and thin. There’s only one thing that Tanner’s never told Joey, because he’s scared it could change how Joey sees him. Over the course of a weekend, camping out in the woods like they always do, things change between them anyway. They tumble headfirst into passion together, and have to figure out where they stand afterwards.

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To Seduce a Succubus: As a mediocre sorceress, Leah isn’t concerned for her own safety when high-powered witches start disappearing in her city. She’s got other things to think about, like her budding romance and how her asexuality might play into dating a succubus. But when she’s forced to interact with the culture she belongs to, she finds surprises more pleasant and, at times, dangerous than she could have imagined.

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Brisei likes her carefree life. Traveling alone, taking work when she can, being free. As a half-orc, she treasures the freedom she has. Then trouble finds her, in the form of a dwarv woman named Amarid. Brisei might actually like this trouble. She might enjoy it, but she yearns to be free of it. Will she keep running, or stop and face her own feelings?

Read a sample and download this short erotic story for free here.