Support Me

There are many different ways to support me and help me make more things!

If you like my art, you can own some of it and bring it into your own home! Prints! I usually include stickers or something extra with each purchase.

Find them all right here!

I’m also launching a Patreon to show people my progress on my next big project, Avarice and Courage. Patreon, in case you didn’t know, is a way for artists to collect money and provide exclusive content to their patrons. It’s going to be an illustrated novel about a distressed princess trying to save her country and a reluctant warrior queen who carries a magic sword. (The queen’s featured in that image just above this paragraph!) Check out the page here!

avacour girls contemplat

avacour sketch wedding and girls talking

Don’t want to commit to a dollar a month with my Patreon? You can do a one time donation of $3 via ko-fi, a site set up to just let you buy ‘a coffee’ for someone and support them that way. Click here for that!

You can also commission me to do a unique piece of art just for you! I can do both traditional or digital, color, black and white, fictional characters or based off a photo. Fill out the form below and let’s see what we can make together.